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Whats new in the world of Jennifer young?

  • I have the pleasure of hiring another member of the team. We know hove 7 people in our team that each specialize in a different field. Whether it be taxes, payroll , bookkeeping, payables or mentoring we have someone that can help.  


There were so many changes happening  with covid and things, are you seeing changes now? 

  • Well the stimulus has been a little challenging this year but it’s way easier if you received a letter that says how much you received around this time last year. It was about $1400 for each American depending on your age and income. You should have received it about the same time last year.  Because of covid the government didn’t want as much federal withholding taken out of peoples paychecks so some people are paying in more than normal. 


When does tax season end for you this year?

  • April 18th, the 15th of April falls on Good Friday so it is law that tax day can’t fall on a major holiday. My family better expect pizza for Easter this year because after church I will be doing taxes. 


What is the average refund people are getting this year?

  • The IRS has already issued more than 45 million refunds this year, at an average $3,352 each. That is over $500 more than last year but that’s looking like it’s from the tax credit when the average refund was just over $2,800.


I have heard it is hard to get ahold of the irs even more this year than normal? 

  • The irs has begun using voice and chat bots on two of its specialized toll-free telephone lines and, enabling taxpayers with simple payment or collection notice questions to get what they need quickly and avoid waiting. Taxpayers can still speak with an IRS telephone representative if needed. It is hard to get ahold of them though. Little trick that I have found is the earlier the better. They are eastern time zone so call around 6am our time 

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